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Create SPA: React + Typescript + Parcel

I was about to start yet another personal project, it consists of a SPA (Single Page Application) for a travel journal.

Some time ago I tried Parcel, I really loved how simple it was to create a simple project from scratch, using Typescript + React stack. I've decided to create this template or base project, so next time I want to create a new SPA with my favorite frontend stack, I will only have to:

git clone

Read this before: Parcel is not as mature as Webpack

If you want to create a production ready React application, use Webpack or better create-react-app which bring everything you need to develop a PWA with React and Typescript. Following you can find an example of an app I am developing using create-react-app:

Parcel is a package bundler under development, not as mature as webpack. There are no go errors for me, at least in regards to Typescript support, see this issue in github #1378.

I still think it is a promising project, bringing more simplicity and speed to JS bundlers world, I will give it a try again for serious projects when Parcel 2 is ready, check Parcel 2 development status.

Quick start

Development server

git clone
cd react-typescript-parcel-template
yarn install
yarn start

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Custom Maven Plugin: Override default build lifecycle

I explained in previous article Example how to create custom Maven Plugin which overrides site lifecycle.

I have created another example to demonstrate how to override default Maven build lifecycle. Default build lifecycle is used to construct your software project, for example, it is executed when you run mvn install in jar type project.

You can find source code example at


I've also created an archetype so you can easily create and play with the example.

Create example project just by running following command:

mvn archetype:generate -DarchetypeGroupId=com.github.carlosvin.archetype -DartifactId=lifecycle-maven-plugin-archetype -DarchetypeVersion=0.6

Example how to create custom Maven Plugin

Maven has lots of plugins to assist you in project construction, testing, packaging and deployment. For example if you want to compile C++ code instead of Java, you can use native-maven-plugin . But what if you need something more specific? Then you can create a custom Maven plugin.

I will explain how to create a simple custom maven plugin to generate static blog site from Markdown files. I know we can already do that with maven-site-plugin since version 3.3, I will just use it for learning purposes.

You can find whole source code example at

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Filesystem in C++17

Multi-Domain Docker Containers

Use case

We have several server applications in the same development environment, each application is bundled in a Docker container, e.g: "Container A" and "Container B".

With Docker those applications have the same IP address. One way to differentiate and access to an specific application is exposing different ports.


Containers exposing the same IP address and different ports

But that solution is a little bit confusing, does 8080 mean we are accessing to "application A"?

It would be simpler and easier to remind something like:


Accessing applications by domain name

Get that extra semantic value is much simpler than I thought at the beginning and you will see below.

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Rust web frameworks comparison

I'm doing some experiments with Rust because it is a language that promises to be as fast as C/C++, but safer in regards to memory management. Essentially, it doesn't allow the developer to do "bad things" with the memory like: forgetting release the memory that is not going to be used anymore or release memory if the developer is not the owner. In such scenarios, Rust won't compile.

Just for learning I've started a small project that offers a REST API, so I've started looking for frameworks to ease/speed up the development. I've found a Rust web frameworks comparison:

Software Maintenance

Few days ago at work, I had to fulfill a document where I had to select a type of software maintenance that I was going to apply.

The fact was I had only two choices, it seemed to me very weird because during my degree I studied 3 or 4 kinds of software maintenance.

Today I have found my Software Engineering class notes, then the types of Software Maintenance sorted descending by percentage of time spent:

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